External Auditors / Offshore Auditors (SDC/GTH/GDC/GSS) Open for Muscat, Oman

Looking for Offshore Auditors into Statutory Audit, who are willing to move to Muscat Oman into front end advisory role. Someone who is Qualified CA  


We are looking for an External Auditor to examine the financial statements of the organization and provide feedback. The responsibilities of External Auditors include planning effective auditing processes, performing audits and reporting back on findings.

To be successful as an External Auditor, you should have excellent knowledge of auditing principles, be analytical, and have good communication skills. Ultimately, an External Auditor should be able to make informed and rational decisions, be objective, and be detail orientated.

External Auditor Responsibilities:

  • Evaluating financial statements and assessing accounts for accuracy and compliance.
  • Investigating internal systems and operations.
  • Assessing risk management approaches.
  • Performing audits for other departments, as needed.
  • Reporting on errors and fraud.
  • Providing feedback reports on findings.

External Auditor Requirements:

  • Degree in Accounting or Finance.
  • Previous experience as an External Auditor.
  • Experience in data analysis and reporting on finances.
  • Strong knowledge of accounting principles.
  • Proficiency in ERP software.
  • Good decision-making abilities.
  • Problem-solving skills.
  • Professional and trustworthy.