Python Full stack with Graph Database

Please find JD below, (Full stack engineer with Graph database experience)


Proficiency in server-side programing with Python with flask or django

Experience with NoSQL like Graph DB (Neo4j or Neptune or Tigergraph) and relational databases

Proficiency in integrating production grade Python applications with REST endpoints and Graph DB engines

Proficiency in integrating production grade Python application with CI pipelines (git, Jenkins)

ES6/JavaScript proficiency and understanding of JavaScript Design patterns, transpires and module bundlers.

Familiarity with frontend development: HTML5, CSS3 and various frontend frameworks

Sound knowledge of ECMAScript specification.

Understanding of Object-oriented programming, asynchronous and functional programming.

Proficiency in Oauth2/SAML/OIDC authentication and authorization mechanisms between multiple systems, servers, and environments.

Robust debugging skills and knowledge of automated testing platforms and unit tests.

Strong experience with BDD/TDD frameworks for Python applications

Strong experience with validating and verifying REST based Python applications using Postman etc. tools

Experience with AWS services especially Lambda and API Gateway

Ability to work in an agile collaborative environment.

Strong analytical skills, problem solving aptitude and good communications skills.