1) Recruitment

Recruitment is our continued success story, where we continue to build on our reputation having successfully placed thousands of candidates across junior, middle and senior levels ? including Top Management in several industries.

We are an implicit brand of assurance set in the minds of our clients, as we provide an extensive and up-to-date database of the right profiles based on client specific requirements.

Our client servicing expertise extends further as follows :

2) Outsourcing

Outsourcing is seen across many big businesses and when the spotlight comes to man power outsourcing, we make the best use of this opportunity to highlight our expertise, as this is one of our core business areas.

Owing to specific client requirement of headcount, location and term; we mobilise personnel while ensuring that that these outsourced employees receive all due benefits as regular employees.

We have a dedicated team to mobilize resources across India. Currently, our resources are working in well-known Indian companies and MNCs.

Mentioned below are the benefits of outsourcing seen from the clients as well the candidates end.

Benefits of Outsourcing to Client:

Benefits of Outsourcing to Candidate:

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